September Update

Chunks has been available on Early Access for a few months now, so here’s a summary of the updates we’ve released for the game in that period and what we hope to add next. Also, Ryleigh has been developing an example game mode, which he’ll talk about later on in this post and is now available for you to try on the Workshop.

Release Recap – James King

Our first main update was a couple of days after the Early Access release, where we opened up the ability to upload worlds to the Workshop. This made it possible for you to share things you build with other players, or browse, download and experience the worlds created by the community. Already there are some amazing examples of worlds involving impressive structures and exciting roller coasters, which you can subscribe to and play without needing to exit VR.

Shortly after that update, based on your feedback we extended the roller coaster building plugin with three new track types; brakes, chain lifts, and booster track sections. You can toggle the type of a section of track between these modes by pressing the touchpad button near the track while using the track building tool.

A little later, we opened up the ability for scripted plugins to provide a way for a second player to interact with the game. This player’s view can be seen through the game window outside of VR when enabled. We also added an example plugin that uses this new functionality to allow the second player to walk around on the ground in a first-person perspective, with the VR player able to pick them up, place them in coaster cars or throw them around.

We’ve also added a tool quick switching system to the sandbox game mode. Pressing the application menu button on a controller (the small button above the touchpad) while pointing at a tool in the tool menu will add or remove it to that wand’s quick switch list. Then the application menu button can be used to quickly toggle between the tools in that list.

Most recently, we merged the two block placement tools together with the ability to switch between single and region placement with buttons on the touchpad. Also blocks can now be rotated either by using the placement tool, or by rotating regions of blocks copied with the clipboard tool.

Those updates also came with a large number of smaller features, improvements and bug fixes. You can view the full patch notes for each new version here. Next up we’re planning to work on tools to edit custom textures for blocks while in-game, and we’re hoping to add the ability to create blocks with different models for things like stairs or slopes.

Zombies Game Mode – Ryleigh Kostash


I wanted to make a quick game mode for Chunks so I chose to remake a 2D game I’d created previously for Arcade (you can play it in Facepunch Prototypes). It took longer to translate all little details from 2D to 3D than I expected and the code got a bit messy… so it’s not the quick and simple example game I was intending it to be, but I’m still happy with how it feels to play.

It’s essentially an RTS/tower-defense hybrid, in which you position your little survivors where they can safely shoot enemies without shooting eachother. Each in-game night, more zombies will spawn on the outskirts. Each morning, some crates with supplies will drop in (from whom??). And sometimes the military will drop in soldiers to kill everyone in the area, zombie or human.

You can also build walls, places to store extra ammo, factories to make that ammo, turrets to operate extra firearms, a bunch of micro-management like that.

Go to the workshop item and hit Subscribe. Once it’s downloaded, create a new world in Chunks and enable Zombies in the Plugins menu. Then go to Game Mode and switch to Zombies. Then start up the world.

Use the right wand’s grip to select a survivor, and the trigger to order them to move or interact with things. The trackpad can order them to drop items, reload, or build structures. You can’t directly order them to attack enemies, just point them in the right direction and let them figure it out!

The left wand shows the info for whichever survivor you’ve got selected. Their name, level, gun & ammo, and the amount of extra ammo they’re carrying (make sure it’s the correct ammo type for their gun!)

Keep your people alive for as many days as you can!



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