Early Access Launch

It’s here! We’re super excited for people to be able to try out the game, and are looking forward to receiving your feedback. We’ll be setting up a more formal roadmap soon, but in the meantime this blog post should fill you in on what we have planned for the next few weeks and months.

Also worth reading is Garry’s post about the history and overall goals for the game.

Plugin Creation Documentation

This is the priority for the first week, along with fixing any critical issues that get in the way of people enjoying the game. The documentation will initially take the form of a Getting Started tutorial series, descriptions of how to include each type of custom asset, and a reference for everything that can be accessed by scripts.

These resources will be linked to on the wiki.

In-Game Asset Creation

We’d like to include some methods for producing assets in-game, such as a block texture painting tool. Ideally you would be able to work on sets of custom block textures that can be uploaded to the workshop without exiting the game.

Another example would be a way to shrink down regions of blocks you have copied with the clipboard tool to miniature models used to add detail to your world, or to be used to quickly create models for objects in custom game modes.

One-Click Workshop Item Downloading

At the moment you need to bring up the SteamVR overlay to browse the workshop while playing, and then reload a world after enabling newly downloaded plugins to be able to use them. We’d like to include an in-game workshop browser, with applicable plugins being automatically loaded into the current world when they have finished downloading.

Related to this, we are also planning to add a new workshop item type for spawnable entities. These would be for things like the hand-held camera or drum kit example entities currently included in the game, that would then be spawnable from the workshop with one click while in-game.

Local Cooperative Play With a Non-VR Player

Something that we think would be particularly fun to try is adding the ability for the spectator camera to be switched into a first-person character mode, so a second player can control a character walking around the world while their friend is building things around them in VR. This could also be exploited by game modes other than Sandbox, with the VR and non-VR players either working together or opposing each other.

Online Multiplayer

This is something we definitely want to try implementing, but we can’t make any guarantees. We’ll certainly give it a go at some point, because the prospect of being able to build worlds with friends has too much potential to pass up.

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